Simulation Artificial Neuron Network with Backpropagation

Hello readers,

After I was practice at Lab Information System at Gunadarma University, now I  want to shared about Simulation Articifial Neuron Network with software Backpropagation.  As for your information this software cannot running in 64-bit machine. I  used Windows 7 32-bit version for running this software.

If you want download this software you can click this.

  1. First step

  • Click Start –> All Programs –> Backpropagation –> Backpropagation.exe

first page backpropagation

1.0 First Page Backpropagation

  • Click ” Simulasi Jaringan Neural Buatan”
  • Input password ” Bremerhaven” and then click OK

Input Password

1.1 Input Password

after input password backpropagation

1.2 After input password

      2.  Second Step

  • Choice tab “Bobot Bias”
  • You can  choice neuron what you want . In this example  I choice neuron “9”
  • Click “Reset ke nilai awal”
  • Set range : -2 sampai 2
  • Click “acak bobot nilai”

Setting Bobot and Bias

2.0 Bobot dan Bias setting

5. After click acak nilai bobot

2.1 After click acak nilai bobot

     3.  Third Step

  • Choice  tab “Belajar”
  • Setting #E Poch : 100
  • I use laju for this sample :0.7
  • I use momentum for this sample : 0.4
  • Change Jumlah step : 100
  • Click “eksekusi multi step”

Tab Belajar

3.1 Tab Belajar

7.Result Nilai Fungsi Energi

3.2 Result Nilai Fungsi Energi

And now the result will show fungsi energi.

If you use same neuron , you only  choice tab “Belajar” and then you can change laju and momentum with different number.


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